Monday, January 23, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was better.  The mission had a goal of finding 800 investigators this week.  Which by the way is a seemingly impossible goal.  The most we had ever found before was like 730 or something.  So we all worked very hard to make our goal happen.  And... we found more than 1300!!!  So yeah, we are pretty cool.  Here, we were able to find 13.  So things are starting to pick up again.  It wasn`t easy, but we did it.

So the whole week we just focused on meeting new people and teaching them.  On Friday, we had an activity where the members had to invite people they knew.  We had to sit and meet and talk to every single one of them.  It was exhausting but it went really well.  Lots of the people asked me if I was from Argentina...  I am not quite sure if I understand that too well, but I tend to just take it as a compliment to my spanish.  It was a zone activity so all the missionaries were there.  I was the only American, so people tend to want to talk to me more... I just say that because the latinos get jealous of popularity.  

This week we are supposed to have zone conference with the President.  I am excited to talk to him and stuff. It`s been a while.  Pasto is way far away and not too easy to get to so he never gets to come down.  Plus they almost freeze to death when they are here.  

Yesterday, we ate with the family from Peru again.  It was amazing yet again.  I think I will have them teach me how to cook.  Peruvian food is really really good.   

Transers are coming up again.   It is pretty safe to say that I am leaving Pasto.  I think I am ready for change.  But who knows where I will go.

Love you lots!!!


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