Monday, February 20, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  I really like my new area a lot.  I haven`t been to Chinchina yet to see my converts and the members there but I have been able to see a lot of people from Manizales in the other branches that I knew before.  I am kind of surprised at how many people remember me.  

It might be safe to say that Manizales is my favorite city in the mission.  It is a beautiful place and the weather has been perfect the past few days.  It is like 70 degrees all the time.  Except when it is raining... but still it is great.  The people here are really nice and friendly.  We have lots of investigators and we should have a few baptisms coming up here really soon.  
We are teaching the family of a girl who got baptized about a year ago.  She has like 5 sisters so we are trying to baptize each one of them and their families.  We are getting pretty close too.  

Last week I mentioned that the food here really good.  We eat in the members houses everyday and in pasto, we had to worry everyday that they were gonna give us something wierd or disgusting.  So I came here expecting the same thing... but to my pleasant surprise, I haven`t been let down yet.  I think it is just a higher quality of food up here.  And in the north of the mission, the people are called paisas.  They are known for having really great personalities and making really good food.

I gotta run... We have lunch with some investigators right now.  So have a great week and for those of you going to Mexico... Have fun!!!


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