Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was awesome!  I am starting to really enjoy every single second.  A lot of cool things are happening so I´ll try to share it... But my memory never works too well when I am sitting at the computer trying to think of things to write. 

First of all, I can not believe that i have been gone for 6 months!  It is super weird.  I still feel like i´m brand new.  Although i am getting better at speaking spanish (more later).  But the weird thing is that Chloe has 1 year!  I can´t believe it!  And she will have 2 and a half when I return!  Also a nice gift for my 6 month anniversary was the chance to watch conference...
Conference was super super awesome!  I learned so much and really felt the spirit during all of the talks.  It is very different in spanish, but still really cool.  We had to go to Manizales to watch it.  It was different not to be able to watch it in the comfort of my home... but still good.  I enjoyed every single talk and especially when President Monson spoke.  It was so cool because the whole time he spoke, I had a feeling of the spirit that confirmed to me that he really is the Prophet of our Lord.  It was definatley something really special to me this conference.  One talk that I really enjoyed (of the many...), was the very last one of Pte. Monson.  If you don´t know why... you should watch it again.  He says some things that are super awesome.  I really liked all of them but something that is cool is that the talks of Elder Scott, Elder Robbins, and some other ones, are in their own voices in spanish. 
Something funny that happened at the conference is that I talked to Elder Shelley and another American.  Now remember that I haven´t spoken english in almost a month and a half... So I started talking and soon found that I was really struggling.  I mix things up and can´t seem to express myself very well.  I know that I have made some errors in this email... but I don´t know how to fix them.  But that was funny/weird.
Also,  I think I told you about Sandra.  She is the investigator that we found that is really prepared.  Anyways, her baptism is this Saturday and she is ready.  She even came to general conference! (she even took notes!)  She has changed her life for the gospel and it has been a true blessing to see all of that happen.  But, she told us today that she is being tempted a lot right now.  (lots of times, the week of their baptism is especially hard.  I believe this for 2 reasons: Satan is trying to keep them from baptizing... and God needs to test them.)  But she has asked us to pray for her.  So... will you all help her out and pray hard for her?
Also, the mission has a goal for baptisms this month.  397 Baptisms!!! That may sound outrageous and maybe it is.  But with our faith and prayers and diligence, we will achieve it.  But again, we need your prayers too!  So please include these things in your prayers!  Thanks!
So I am reading the Old Testament... That is not an easy task.  But it is way awesome.  I am about half way through now.  I really struggled at first to understand it... but everytime I read, i pray to be able to understand it.  And now I understand it pretty well.  But I learned something really cool.  I was reading in Chronicles when King David is talking to his son Solomon.  He is telling him that he needs to build a temple and that it needs to be dang good.  He talks about the importance of temples and also about the things that he needs to do.  It starts seeming impossible and so David said something that has really helped me a lot and I thought it was cool.  He says, ¨Be strong, and do it!¨  Maybe its really plain but also its very simple.  I see it as very profound and it reminded me of something Elder Holland said when he came to the MTC.  He was talking about the mission and that it is going to be hard but that we need to, ¨pull up our socks and get to work!¨   These things are really important and we all need to remember them when we have trials or hard times in our lives.
Anyways, this has been a long email...  I love you all and hope you are all doing well!  Have a good week!
P.S.  I expect emails from Kristin and Katie next week!  I like hearing from you!  So make it good!

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