Monday, May 9, 2011


Dear Family,
It really was so good to talk to you all!  You all sound good and happy. 
I got a lot of comments from you about our blind man.  Thanks for all of them.  They all have helped me a lot.  I talked to Pte. Bolivar about him and asked him what I should do to help him and also to help me.  I decided that a big part of my problem is with me.  I don´t believe in myself enough to do it.  I don´t believe that I have enough faith to do it.  Pte. Bolivar said to just keep visiting him and be his friend.  Do what you can to help him.  Don´t focus on healing his eyes but focus on healing his heart.  And realize the ¨little¨ miracles in your life.      All of these things put together have really helped me.  My faith has grown a ton.  Nicolás is happier and I think we are all starting to progress.
So my companion taught me something funny.   ¨TIC.¨   It means This Is Colombia.   We say this when we see ridiculous things happen.   It is the answer to everything.  Why does everyone drive like a maniac?  Why do the gangsters have guns, grenades, and rocket launchers?  Because THIS IS COLOMBIA!   Don´t get me wrong... I love Colombia.  But we see a lot of ridiculous things.
Now just to ensure something.   I am very very safe.   We don´t do stupid things.  We don´t go to the dangerous parts (unless the spirit tells us to...)  And we truly have divine protection.  So please do not worry!
Mom said something interesting in her email to me today.   The death of Osama bin Laden is like closure for all the victims.  That is why there is celebration.  While I may not have been very old when they attacked us,  and maybe it didn´t affect me directly,  I, as an American, have come to feel like a victim.  So the closure of all of this is what has made me happy.  And man alive! It really does seem like a way awesome movie!
I don´t have anything else to say...  I love you all!  Have a great week!

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