Monday, May 30, 2011


Dear Family,
First of all,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD, KATIE, AND JACK!!!!!!!!  I hope you all had/have an awesome birthday!!!  (And Katie, I didn´t forget, I just didn´t realize it was so close... sorry.)  I love you lots! And you will get birthday presents in Oct. 2012...
This week was super fast again.  I cannot beleive it.  This week was a stresser but it was good. 
I´ll start with the worst part...  We spent the whole week preparing a lady for baptism.  We went every night to help her.  We got really excited that we were finally going to have a baptism.  So we organized the baptismal service and filled up the font.  We went to her house to pick her up, and she said, ¨NO! I don´t want to be baptized!¨  We tried talking to her and everything, but she is firm in her decision...  I guess sometimes, Satan wins...
Since my companion and I both speak English, we decided to start teaching English!  Its really pretty fun.  Before his mission, my companion was an English Teacher.  So really he does all the teaching.  Ironic, I know, but its pretty cool.  Its way more successful than the mission work here...
Today, we went to the house of the zone leaders to have a BBQ.  It was pretty cool.  We ate a whole bunch of meat and possibly broke the Word of Wisdom.  But they told us that almost the whole zone is going to be transfered...  No one knows who is going, but a lot of people are...  We find out tomorrow, so we´ll see.
I don´t have much more to say.  Have an awesome week!!!  I love you all!!!

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