Monday, August 22, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was a quick one again...  We have seen a bit of progress in our work and in the ward.  Its slow, but one day it will get better. 
I received some big news last night...   I am being transfered to Pasto!   It was weird because in the past, transfers have always been on Thursday.  So I was planning on knowing if I was gonna leave tomorrow night and not last night.  But they have changed transfers to Wednesday.  So they will advise us on Monday night or tonight.  But since I am leaving and traveling to the other side of the mission, I have to leave tomorrow morning.  So they told me last night.  Do you understand???  Its complicated, I know.
Medellin is the farthest part of the mission in the north and Pasto is the farthest in the south.  So I get to travel 20 hours in bus...  That´s right, 20 hours!   But it is the part of the mission that baptizes the most and is also the coldest part.  I am really excited to go there.  (It was exactly where I wanted to go.)  I don´t have any more information about the transfer, so I´ll let you know more next week.  Oh and Pasto is on the border of Ecuador.
This week, we worked really hard and walked a lot and really saw the fruits of our labor.  For the first time in Medellin, we found 14 new investigators who will most likely progress.  For Medellin, its a lot...  But I learned a lot from that experience.  It doesn´t matter how hard the area is, there are people who want to listen.  But I learned it too late... (the last day of the transfer...)
Yesterday, I helped a man who can´t walk climb some stairs.  He lived on the biggest hill in the area, and we could see him struggling, so we helped him out.  He was really grateful and it was a good experience.  But it wasn´t till after that I realized how important that experience was for me.  I can walk, I can run, I can do all kinds of things.  And I still complain.  There are a whole lot of people who can´t walk, can´t run, can´t do all kinds of things, and don´t complain.  We are very blessed to have what we have and be able to do what we do.  I learned how much I need to take advantage of what I have, and use them to help other people.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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