Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Family,
This week and the week before have been crazy.  We have been running around trying to teach, fix problems, and do all we need to do but we can´t seem to catch up on all the work.  And right now in Medellin there is a big fair going on.  Its called la Feria de las Flores (Flower Fair...)  Its like the most important holiday in Medellin and it last for about 10 days.  Also, there is a world cup soccer tournament going on also it all of colombia.  So the city is packed full and adds to our stress here. 
We have been trying to fix our problems with the Bishop here but he seems to be avoiding us.  We have talked with President Prince and with the Stake President a lot and they seem to be on our side.  They have counseled us to keep trying to talk to him and to remember that he is young and not very experienced.  They also said that while we do all of that they will call him.  Its a rough situation but I think we will resolve it all this week.
Bad news about Anderson...  We had planned his baptism this week and everything.  We had it all set for Saturday and the Army called him up and needed him instantly because the Farc (guerilla) killed his Commander.  He left and we couldn´t baptize him...  He returns in October and will be baptized then.  Meanwhile, we got permission to email him while he is gone.  He also told us that he really wanted to go back because it is really hard to hear about his friends and leaders dying while he is on the sidelines.
Speaking of the Farc (guerilla), they are saying in the news and everything down here that they are rising up again.  About 10 years ago, the Farc was pretty much controlling Colombia.  Then, former Pres. of the Republic of Colombia Uribe dominated them and almost put them to an end.  Now with the new Pres. the Farc is rising because he doesn´t do anything to stop them.  Maybe you can find a bit more information in the internet...
Well, that´s about it...  I hope you all have a good week! 
P.S.  read Elder Nelson´s talk from the recent conference.  I really liked it.

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